Key features

  • Robust, durable and custom design installation
  • Convenient for 7/24 hour operation
  • Dynamic survey data profile update
  • Dynamic 6 design profile and 1 actual/survey profile on screen
  • Survey with joystick/push button (XYZ logging)
  • Real-time side and top view
  • No surveyor intervention required for good performance
  • Logging entire datasets received from the sensors
  • GNSS receiver is capable of connecting many optional differential sources for correction (CORS, NTRIP, Satellite Based, Shore Based corrections)
  • Shock and vibration resistant (suitable for jack-hammers and rock works)
  • IP-69 water proof sensor design (100 m)
  • DXF support
  • User friendly and easy on the eyes software

With Kordil EPS the performance increases up to 50% that avoids reworks and expensive marine and land operations.

Great improvement in quailty of work as per design criteria. The cross sections of design and actual profiles providing a perferct understanding for operators who are doing work.

With Kordil EPS there will be a great show for the clients to express professionalism and perfect result of work. Every succsess will be bringing more costumers.

The operation can be carried out 7/24 without addtional surveying assistance. The system is good for working with fast track schedules.

The system will bring more costumers in and improve revenue of company.

Reduced rework will save asset working more than necessary. The system will improve the life of asset.

Eventually all advantageous will return back with more profit which will enable the company grow.

Kordil EPS onboard

Kordil Excavator Postioning System (Kordil EPS) on board. The system provides realtime position information on a monitor with simplified way that operator can see and understand. Operator fully focuses on the work withohout surveying support. Operator can see existing situation, and design profile as well as thoretical profiles in realtime. With a push button attached the joystick is used for logging and surveying purpose.

About Us

We are experienced of survey, offshore, subsea, marine & land surveying. Our field of competency we believe will fit your specific engineering and construction requirements.

We provide people, equipment, expertise and technology that support the development of projects. We’ll give you the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain your structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficiently.

Our services are mostly provided locally and are supported by a global knowledge base and resource pool of experienced personnel. We often offer our services in combination in order to help you to achieve the optimum results.

Kordil EPS (Excavator Positioning System)